DIY Observatory Project

DIY Observatory Project

Light Benders DIY Observatory Project is for putting together a basic toolkit and experiments for amateur and hobby astronomers. Participants will get a chance to setup their own observatory and learn the use the tools to make observations to analyze results to publish their findings.

Activities in the project based workshop:

  • Registration closed

  • Dates: April 10- May 10 2021

  • Cost: $10 per family

  • Simple tools and techniques

  • know about the universe and your place in it

  • Share pictures of your experiments and observation documents.

  • Zoom sessions

  • Outdoor socially distanced stargazing opportunities

Some of the Objectives:

  • Build maps for the directions of your home

  • Build map and visualize the ecliptic and planetary plane

  • Understand polar sky map

  • Locate the north star Polaris and visualize your rotation

  • Map the location of the SGR-A black hole

  • Track seasonal constellations

  • Track Zodiac constellations

  • Track phases of the moon

  • Know about Eclipses

  • Build a sundial and track equinox and solstices

  • Build spectrometer and understand star spectrum

Some activity examples

DIY Observatory Tools

LightBenders DIY observatory kit.pdf