Astrophotography Deep Dive

Dates: Feb 2023 - Zoom call and chat group.

Activity: Meet and greet with new members in LightBenders club. Deep dive open discussion into aspects of astrophotography involving - camera types, scope alignment, autoguiding, focusing, filtering noise, stacking and post processing.

Dates: May 2022 - DIY Workshps and Zoom call.

Activity: Worshops on DIY observatory and general understanding of life cycle of stars, in collaboration Mr. Umesh Newse and Mrs Chetana Kad for over 38 High Schools in Pune.

Dates: Nov26 2021 - Zoom call.

Activity: Presentation on Lunar eclipses in collaboration Mr. Umesh Newse for 38 High Schools in Pune.

Dates: Summer 2021

Activity: In the coming few weeks of Summer Anand Sharangpani and LightBenders is offering two programs - Opensky watch on Weekends Friday or Saturday Nights through Summer depending on weather and Observatory Loaner  - Training and operating the Starblast telescope with weekend loaner for registered members. The video below has more details.
We are meeting Saturday June 19 night in his driveway 9:30PM onwards. Any of youth or LightBenders interested ping me and I can give you the address.

Dates: April - June 2021

Activity: Light Benders DIY Observatory Project putting together basic toolkit and experiments for amateur and hobby astronomers. Participants will get a chance to setup their own observatory and learn the use the tools to make observations to analyze results to publish their findings. Registration open.

Date released: Jan 8 2020

Activity: 2020 Editorial newsletter

Dark Sky Park visit - Member visits to DSP

Date: June 18-20 2020

Activity: Dark sky park night watch and astrophotography portraits

Location: Headlands International Dark Sky Park, MI 

Virtual Open Houses - Live activity online

Date: Through out 2020

Activity: Live viewing and astrophotography via Zoom Calls

Location: Zoom call

Beyond the Skies - Journey Through Solar System

Date: June 13th 2020

Activity: Zoom session exploring secrets of our Solar system and the universe

Location: Zoom meeting

Date: July 3rd 2020

Activity: Zoom session unveiling the shadows of the eclipse 

Location: Zoom meeting

Date released: Feb 25 2020

Activity: 2019 Editorial newsletter


Activity: Live pics, online articles, posts tracking

Location: NASA, Earth&Sky, NatGeo & other online resources

Time: Nov 11

Activity: Live telecast due to cloudy skies in MI

Location: EarthSky, NASA, Slooh, Youtube

Tracking Chandrayaan 2, Vikram telecast, Sept 2019

Time: September 6th entire day

Activity: Following activity as a group remotely

Location: Lightbenders WA group

Telescope tuning - June 2019

Time: 6-9PM

Activity: Telescope focusing methods and tuning

Location: Mandhare's Novi, MI

Jupiter brightest approach - June 2019

Time: 9PM onwards

Activity: Planet and Star watch

Location: Chavarkar's, Ypsilanti

June 9 2019 Cosmic Connection 2018

Activity:  LightBenders Annual News letter 

May 20 2019 Dr. Tyson Fox theater

Time: 7:30PM

Location: Fox Theater

Activity: Talk - Astrophysicist goes to the movies


January 20 2019 Board meeting

Time: 7PM

Location: Online

Activities: 2019 activity planning

Time: 3PM-6PM

Location: Online

Activities: Last group get together of 2018

Time: 2PM - 4PM

Location: 1200 Oakwood St., EMU Mark Jefferson Complex


August 31 2018 Open House

Time: 10:00 PM - Midnight

Location: 4337 Silverleaf Dr, Ypsilanti, MI - 48197


July 28 2018 Open House

Time: 8:30 PM - Midnight

Location: Addison Oaks Camping ground - 1480 West Romeo Road, Leonard MI 48367


June 9 2018 Open House

Time: 8:30 PM - Midnight

Location: Sharangpani Residence - 8223 Ann Arbor Road W, Plymouth, MI - 48170


May 2018 Open House

Date: May 26 2018

Time: 8PM - Midnight

Location: 4337 Silverleaf Dr, Ypsilanti - MI, 48197